10 Best Cool Season Annuals For Winter Gardens

Not all plants slumber during the winter. Cool season annuals thrive when temperatures drop. Annuals are affordable and provide a simple way to add months of color to your garden. 

As summer blossoms fade, transform your yard with these cool season annuals for winter gardens.

Many of the plants on this list are also hardy in northern climates, but southern gardeners have more alternatives for winter color. 

As previously stated, the same plant might be used in quite diverse ways throughout regions.

Learn about your local hardiness zone and typical winter circumstances to help you choose the best cool-season annuals for your winter garden.

Pansies are traditional winter flowers that bloom in a variety of colors, with several bi-color variations available. Plant them in the fall when the summer heat has subsided, and you can enjoy blossoms for up to six months. 

 Pansies, despite being true perennials, are grown as annuals because they wither in the summer heat. Mass them along walkways and outside windows to liven up the winter scene.

Johnny-jump-ups are a variety of viola, similar to pansies, that blooms even in the winter. In fact, they are frequently spotted blooming through a little coating of snow. 

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