10 Dreamy Cream and Custard Pie Recipes You'll Make on Repeat

Cream pies and custard pies are ideal for any time of year because there is a taste to suit every occasion. 

The basic coconut cream pie and chocolate meringue pies are available, but when the holidays arrive, there are exquisite cream pie recipes in seasonal tastes (such as peppermint and eggnog) to really make your menu festive.

Here are some of our favorite cream pie and custard pie recipes to spoil yourself and your family.

It's all in the name of this decadent cream pie. That's correct, three types of coconut (cream of coconut, coconut essence, and flaked coconut) make this delicacy appealing. Layered with vanilla meringue, it makes a stunning dessert table display.

Cashews lend a nutty bite to the graham cracker crust in this cream pie recipe, making it the ideal foundation for the caramel cream filling. 

The brown sugar meringue pie topping adds an extra delightful caramel flavor to each bite.

The crispy topping on this custard pie dish tastes (and cracks!) like to your favorite restaurant's pricey crème brûlée.

 The nicest part about this delectable custard pie is that you won't even need a cooking torch. All you have to do is set your broiler to crystallize the sweet sugar on top.

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