10 Historical Mini-Series That Outshine 'Outlander' Easily

Although 'Outlander' has raised the bar in the historical series genre by fusing a seductive romance with a thrilling time-traveling plot, 

 it's not the only historical series that achieve this feat—a plethora of excellent miniseries exist that surpass it by a wide margin

While few shows can match 'Outlander's' level of steam, these ten historical miniseries may not be as intense, 

but what makes them truly stand out is their intricate historical storytelling that skillfully weaves together fact and fiction to captivate and educate viewers alike.

These shows are all like seeing a history book come to life; the stories they tell are as richly ingrained in the respective periods as they are compelling, 

and it's just this kind of character development and attention to detail that elevates a straightforward narrative into an engrossing historical adventure.

Consequently, even though these miniseries lack 'Outlander's' ability to make your TV screen foggy,

they more than make up for it by taking you to various eras and locations with such style and authenticity that you're left feeling not just entertained but also somewhat as though you've

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