10 John Wick Characters We Wish Had A Bigger Role In The Franchise

The franchise John Wick centers around Keanu Reeves's extremely talented assassin, 

 but it also features a large cast of supporting characters who contribute to the world-building of the film; some of these characters are deserving of much more attention. 

 John Wick depicts a unique version of the criminal underworld, complete with esoteric rules and customs that assassins must follow, 

 and brilliant worldbuilding that helps to give this society a more authentic feel.

As a neutral safe haven for assassins where all business is strictly forbidden, the Continental Hotel is a cornerstone of John Wick's underground world.

 Several of the most intriguing characters in the film work for the hotel in one way or another, 

and because John Wick's journey takes him all over the world, he rarely gets to spend too much time with any one character for too long.

Dr. Archimedes also demonstrated an animated version of this deception at the 2011 Best deception of the Year Contest.

the story they are trying to tell, and make the sound as representative as possible in order to accomplish that. 

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