10 Purple Nail Ideas That Prove It's Next Big Shade

Abstract Plum

This spring, try a plum mani—something playful and artistic. This nail art is incredibly stylish with its swirly patterns and use of negative space.


If you love gemstones and crystals, check the size of these ametrine-inspired nails. This gorgeous set, like the gemstone, exudes inventiveness and harmony with its light purple gloss and gold outline.

Purple Crushed Velvet

Not only are magnetic nails great for the holidays. These glittery purple nails, which remind us of crushed velvet, have an amazing shine payoff that we can't stop lusting after.

Pink and Purple Swirl

Let us know what color combination is better than purple and pink. This mani will make you smile because of its lilac and blush colors combined with its curving shapes.

Purple Metallic Chrome

flowery details on a metallic background? Please say yes. We're eagerly awaiting our next nail appointment because of its subtle floral and gem features, as well as its vivid purple chrome base.

Purple Daisie

This stylish set has a silky smooth design with shades of purple, white, and yellow. We adore the feminine touch the daisies provide.

Gold-Lined Heart

Gold is always a good choice, especially when it delicately outlines purple hearts. These nails are incredibly gorgeous, especially on a nude pink backdrop.

Glitter Floral

Never listen to someone who says you can't purchase happiness with money; if you visit a salon and leave with a sparkling garden, you will be overjoyed. This collection features floral patterns in different shades of purple over a shimmering purple backdrop.

Minimalist Negative Space

Although you've undoubtedly seen negative space nails everywhere on Instagram, this jewel-toned manicure is among the prettiest ones we've seen thus far. The combination of eccentric purple forms and a sandy-nude background creates a picture-perfect effect.

Milky Lavender

Try this milky lavender manicure if you're a fan of the milky nail trend. Maintaining a monochromatic look in a rich shade of lavender, it's everything but uninteresting and a seductive style we're eager to attempt.

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