10 Squoval Manicure Ideas That Show It's Flattering on Everyone

Velvet Rainbow

In 2023, velvet nails are going to be really trendy. This ombre rainbow pair caught our eye as soon as we saw it on our account. You'll probably need to hire a professional nail artist to assist you achieve this striking squoval manicure. 

Red Marble

All year long, spicy red marble nails are a great look. Review the steps for making water marble nails at home if you want to DIY this stylish nail style. Apply your newly acquired information to the polish colors of your choosing after that.

Ombre Flame

Nail art with flames has been appearing everywhere. But the ombré design that stands out so strikingly against the black backdrop is what really elevates this flaming nail look.

Tie-Dye Tip

Admire the way tie-dye looks? Put a tie-dye effect on the tips of your nails and ditch the boring white t-shirts. Longer squoval nails provide as the ideal canvas for the multicolored pattern, as demonstrated below.

Mocha Contrast

Despite having somewhat rounded tips, these squoval nails nonetheless work well. They have a brown and black color block, which is one of the hottest combinations this season and is ideal for fall.

Bold Mix-and-Match

We adore emoji manicures, and this one features a yin-yang, strawberry, and smiley face in addition to other well-liked nail art patterns like rainbow waves and checkers.

Negative Space Nail

I adore everything about this pastel squoval nail style. Beyond the delicate hues, each nail's milky sea glass base and negative space captivate us.

Dotted Delight

Here's another way to style squoval nails using the mismatched nail art trend. We adore the way the grids, stripes, and multicolored splotches come together.

Java Swirl

Nail art with swirls is always striking, especially when combined with a neutral base color. Use two brown nail paint tones from the Lights Lacquer YNBB Bundle ($58) to get a similar appearance.

Groovy Mismatch

Mix-and-match manicure styles usually have a foundation that is solid. Here, you can see how the very distinct vibe of this mani is created by the milky clear background. The end effect is a striking nail style that somehow manages to look rather understated.

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