36.5 million Americans own cryptocurrency, Finder.com said.

The year has been turbulent for cryptocurrencies. But Americans are still making investments in spite of this. 

A study of 2,068 people conducted on Finder.com's behalf shows that the percentage of Americans who possess cryptocurrencies has increased by 81% in the past year, from 7.95% in 2018 to 14.4% in 2019. 

This indicates that 36.5 million Americans possess cryptocurrencies in some capacity. As stated

36.5 million American people have reportedly invested an average of $5,447 in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, according to the survey. 

Furthermore, more than half of American bitcoin owners probably also own other cryptocurrencies.

The most frequent motive for cryptocurrency ownership among those surveyed was investing. 

An estimated 22.3 million Americans (61%) stated that their motivation was investment.

Approximately 20% of cryptocurrency owners use it to send money abroad at a low cost, while 10% purchased it out of FOMO.

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