5 "Bad" Carbs You Should Be Eating When You Have Diabetes, According to a Dietitian

Contrary to popular belief, not all carbohydrates should be avoided if you have diabetes. In reality,

some carbs that have been branded as "bad" or off-limits may really provide some benefits if you're actively attempting to control your blood sugar levels.

Diabetes occurs when your body does not produce enough insulin or cannot use it properly, resulting in an excess of blood sugar in your system

The American Diabetes Association reports that more than 37 million Americans have diabetes. 

Diabetes can be effectively managed with a combination of dietary changes, regular physical activity, and constant blood glucose monitoring.

In some situations, your doctor may recommend that you take certain medications to assist regulate your glucose levels.

 Carbohydrates are more misunderstood than any other macronutrient. With some suggesting that carbs should be strictly

controlled and others claiming that carbs are perfectly OK, the contradicting information can leave one perplexed. 

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