8 Eco-Friendly Nail Art Designs

Believe me when I tell that nail art isn't just for the extreme. Yes, statement-making chrome manis and vivid marble nails are all over your Instagram feed, but more natural-looking manicure designs are also on trend for 2023.  

The advantage of minimalist nail art and manicures done with mild, neutral polishes is that they won't conflict with anything you're wearing and won't tire you out as quickly as a larger design might. Also, most natural nail designs are surprisingly simple to DIY, allowing you to experiment with new mani ideas without spending a fortune or visiting a salon.

1 Natural Nail Design: Nails Inspired by Euphoria

For minimalists, euphoria-inspired makeup can be frightening, which is why I recommend starting with a wavy mani like this one here. It's modest but nonetheless cool, and all you need to make it yourself are a clear base coat, opaque white polish, and a few tiny gemstones.

2.This Neutral Crystal Mani is number 

There's something so chic about bare nails, and this style amps it up with a stone on each tip. You don't need any experience for this because all you have to do is paint your nails with your favorite neutral color and then add an adhesive jewel on top.

3 Natural Nail Designs: Simple Smiley

Nail stickers are popular because they are inspired by professional nail art yet do not require a steady hand. These provide the same effect as a carefully painted on smiley, but without the effort or expertise required to draw one.

4 This Moody French Manicure Style

This is for anyone born on a Wednesday. The barely-there black tips on these clear nails can be achieved by dipping the nails in black lacquer rather than painting it on.

 5 Dominos Natural Nail Design

If your go-to mani is a pale pink polish shade, the simplest approach to explore with nail art is to add delicate black and white dots at the base of each nail with a manicure dotting tool. Of course, you could use any color polish for the dots, but I prefer the black and white look.

6 The Peekaboo Mani is the sixth natural nail design.

Except for one tiny strip where the natural nail peeps through for a negative space moment, these nails are almost entirely white. The clean white tint keeps things appearing fresh, while the unpainted band keeps grown-out nails seeming deliberate. This one is in my summer nail art folder.

7 Natural-Appearing Pearl French Manicure

If you enjoy Emily's fashion and beauty moments in Paris, these nails are for you. Pearl accents give the classic French manicure a tremendously cute yet subtle makeover.

8 Futuristic Nails for Minimalist Mani

The strong, geometric diagonal lines make this metallic silver polish look stylish and modern, while remaining futuristic and sparkly. It's a wonderful winter nail art option, in my opinion.

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