8  Valentine’s Day nail ideas that are anything but cheesy

I usually get a little down this time of year. But one thing that makes me feel a little better is that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, which is a good excuse - if you need one - to swap out your New Year's Eve and Christmas manicures for all things hearts and romance.

 Yes, I am still unmarried, but have you heard of Galentine's? (I believe it is the more aristocratic method to celebrate.)

And if you think having a Valentine's Day manicure means going all out on the pink and glitter, think again because I promise we've presented you with a plethora (45 to be exact) of ideas and inspiration.

I'm talking about incredibly gorgeous minimalist nail designs, sheer nail polish, and even elegant gold-and-white combinations. 

Need a visual? Just keep scrolling for our favorite and most on-trend Valentine's Day manicure ideas in 2024.When fashion meets beauty, 

we bring Comme Des Garcons' distinctive and timeless designs to your fingertips. Have you ever seen anything cuter than these googley-eyed hearts? Spoiler: The answer is no.

While we promise not to let any man melt our hearts this year (in a negative way, of course), we're not opposed to having them on our nails. Grunge but still nice.

Gradient nails are the simplest way to create DIY nail art without having to paint actual designs on your nails. Simply select a few different hues of the same color pallet and paint from darkest to lightest, starting with your thumb.

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