Angels & Outlaws and Billboard charting artist Caitlynne Curti

Angels & Outlaws and Billboard charting artist Caitlynne Curtis. The song, titled "I Will Survive,

is an autobiographical story about Curtis changing her life for the better and discovering new meaning as a mother to her new kid.

  "I would say it's about my son who showed me I have more to live for than I thought and I'm so thankful for him showing me what a life of happiness is."

"I Will Survive" is an ideal song for women everywhere; its message is clear: women make a difference as moms

daughters, entrepreneurs, artists, sisters, wives, friends, role models, and more.

Caitlynne Curtis began singing when she was three years old. She recalls lovingly, "I used to sing to my grandma."

 When she was six, her mother enrolled her in vocal lessons. She added, "It's like I knew from then on that music is what I wanted to do."

When she was twelve years old, her parents relocated her entire family from Massachusetts to Nashville so that she may follow her musical dreams.

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