Billboard Charting Artist Caitlynne Curtis Shares “I Will Survive”

Caitlynne Curtis, a pop singer and songwriter based in Nashville, has just released her most recent single,

I Will Survive," along with accompanying visuals. This track is taken from her future album,

which is scheduled to be released later this year through Angels & Outlaws, which is owned by Struggle Jennings.

By means of the song "I Will Survive," Caitlynne Curtis expresses her affection and commitment to her small son,

as well as the ways in which her role as a mother has improved the quality of her life.

Curtis demonstrates that genuine love and family are the most important things in life

despite the fact that we all have the tendency to have a skewed perception of what brings us satisfaction

I would say it's about my son who showed me I have more to live for than I thought, and I'm so thankful for him showing me what a life of happiness is,

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