Caitlynne Curtis is "dreaming" of what it may be with her crush in a new video (premiere).

Caitlynne Curtis' new single "Dreaming" is set to be released soon, and Celeb Secrets has your first listen and peek at the breathtaking visual.

The aspiring singer, whose new single is set to be released tomorrow, tells Celeb Secrets that "Dreaming" is a straightforward song inspired by her own experience of being friend zoned by her crush on the "hot" lady.

"It's about a girl who is unable to be with the person she loves but sees him in her dreams every night. "It's something that everyone can identify with at some point in their lives," she says.

When it came time to create the video, Curtis thoroughly embraced the song's title and fanciful pop vibe, as 

she is seen literally "dreaming" about her crush in both a cozy bed and pink clouds.

"The entire film was truly a collaborative effort. It was all hands on deck, from hand-painting the pink clouds to keeping the rabbits from escaping.

 "It's incredible to see the entire storyline come together exactly as I imagined it: a dream scenario and that moment when you wake up and are so disappointed that it wasn't real," she says.

"I wanted to show the other girl in the movie, who my crush had chosen over me in real life, as well as the dream scene when we were together. 

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