Caitlynne Curtis' new single "I Will Survive" is a song we all need to hear right now. 

Caitlynne Curtis, Nashville's top pop performer, has just released her emotional new single and video for "I Will Survive"

The musician, who is signed to Angels & Outlaws, is most recognized for her southern-tinged pop soundscapes and ability to write honest songs that make listeners feel less alone.

Curtis dedicates "I Will Survive" to all the industrious and resilient women around the world who wear a variety of hats. 

The song, written in an autobiographical style, chronicles Curtis' transition into motherhood with her new son. 

The song is heartbreaking, honest, and incredibly encouraging, and it comes at a time when most people could use a little more encouragement. With gorgeous captivating vocals,

an iconic sing-along chorus, and addictive driving music, the song gives a refreshing dose of honesty, big, bright energy, and loads of artistic flare.

Curtis is seen in normal life with her son in the accompanying music video, demonstrating the mother-son bond's sensitive love and strength.

The film eloquently illustrates the beauty in chaos and the importance of cherishing every moment with those we care about. 

Curtis confesses, "I would say it's about my son who showed me I have more to live for than I believed.

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