Caitlynne Curtis' new song "I Will Survive" is essential [Video].

New Release: Nashville pop artist Caitlynne Curtis, signed to Angels & Outlaws, just dropped her latest single and visuals for "I Will Survive." 

Southern Pop Sound: Curtis is known for her southern-infused pop sound, blending heartfelt lyrics with authentic songwriting that resonates with listeners. 

Tribute to Resilient Women: "I Will Survive" pays homage to hardworking women, particularly detailing Curtis' personal journey into motherhood and the transformative impact of her son on her life. 

Autobiographical Format: The song narrates Curtis' struggles and triumphs, reflecting her decision to change her life for the better and make space for something larger than herself. 

Heart-Wrenching and Inspirational: The song is described as heart-wrenching, honest, and deeply inspirational, providing a timely dose of encouragement for listeners. 

– Energetic Production: With charismatic vocals, an anthemic chorus, and infectious production, the song exudes honesty with a vibrant energy and artistic flair.

– Accompanying Music Video: The visuals feature Curtis in everyday life with her son, showcasing the tender love and unbreakable bond between mother and child.

– Cherishing Moments: Curtis expresses gratitude for her son, highlighting how he showed her the joy of life and emphasising the importance of cherishing moments with loved ones.

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