Fortunately, something kept Caitlynne from giving up completely after her heartbreaking X-Factor rejection.

It may have been that rejection that ultimately encouraged her to pursue music, as often the secret to unlocking an artist's full potential is to temper talent against adversity. 

With the birth of her kid at the age of 19, her life completely changed. She had to put her career on hold and take a job selling cars to support the two of them. 

Curtis began recording song covers and sharing them on Instagram in an attempt to maintain the dream. 

Her next major break would come in 2021 when she signed with Angels & Outlaws, Struggle Jennings' own independent label, to record her debut full-length album.

Even though I recently learned about her fantastic music, I believe that with this brand-new single, she is pushing the boundaries even farther as she rises to fame.

"Mood Swings" is an exceptionally skillful song that explores the intricacies of a chaotically lived life. 

Caitlynne's powerful vocal performance nourishes your ears with every emotional nuance required by the subject, and she does it with the utmost professionalism and charisma of someone who has been doing this since she was six years old. 

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