Caitlynne Curtis's New Visual Debut Features Her "Dreaming" About Possible Future With Her Crush

Celeb Secrets has your first listen and look at the breathtaking visual for Caitlynne Curtis's new track "Dreaming" as she prepares for its release.

The aspiring singer-songwriter tells Celeb Secrets that her new ballad "Dreaming" is based on her own experience of being "friend zoned" by a crush on a "hot" lady. The single drops tomorrow.

It's about a young woman whose dreams are haunted by the presence of her beloved, even though she is unable to be physically present with him. She claims that everyone may relate to the sentiment at some stage.

Putting preparing the video, Curtis totally bought into the whimsical pop sound and song title; she's shown "dreaming" about her crush on pink clouds and in a cozy bed.

It was truly a group effort to make the video. Everyone chipped part, from making the pink clouds by hand to preventing the bunnies from hopping away.

It's incredible to watch the plot unfold just as she had envisioned it, from the dream sequence to the moment of realization that it wasn't true, she exclaims.

My goal in making this film was to share both the dream scene in which my crush was with the other girl and the reality scene in which she was choosing him over me.

 I was equally adamant about the alarm clock. At the conclusion of the video, I was hoping that would serve as the trigger that brought me back to reality.

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