Designs for Swirl Nails That Dazzle Us

You can DIY a plethora of surprisingly simple nail patterns that will completely change the appearance of your manicure.

But occasionally, you want to try something a little more complicated to mix things up. This is where the craze for swirl nails comes in handy.

While minimalist swirl nails are definitely doable at home, many swirl nail designs are so intricate and detailed that they need the steady hand of a professional manicurist—or, at the very least, the use of professional nail art supplies like dotting pens and fine-lining nail art brushes—to be executed. 

Swirl nails give a certain something extra to any outfit, no matter how long they can take to make these cool nail art ideas happen.

Are you prepared to take a look for yourself? Get more than a dozen swirl nail art inspirations for your upcoming manicure right here.

Velvet Swirl Nail

Jeanette Flores combines swirl and viral velvet nails. The result? A striking color that halted us. Flores used Charme Gel Soak-Off Cat Eye Gel Polish ($19) in Athena, Venus, Apollo, Xanthe, Gaia, and Artemis.

Shimmer Swirl Nail

If you like glittering swirl manicures but prefer shimmer to velvet, try Brittney Ellen's bright suggestion. This set included Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($15) in Pele, Bird of Paradise, Shaka, Mermaid Grotto, Wipe Out, and Ohana.

Mod Swirl Nail

Here, purple and burgundy look great together, despite their unlikely pairing. To reproduce the look, use peach, baby blue, and lavender first, then black and burgundy. Apply the white stripe last for maximum crispness.

Multicolor Negative Space Swirl Nail

How cool is this multicolor negative space swirl nail idea for the '70s? Dayanna I. Sapiens used Gucci Glossy Nail Polish ($35) in Melinda Green, Dorothy Turquoise, Peggy Sunburn, Cecilia Ivory, and Lucy Baby Blue to achieve the look.

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