Jennifer Lopez is preparing a grand premiere of her new album with a documentary, special editions…

The first step towards Jennifer Lopez's new album project is the release of the video clip "Can't Get Enough," 

" in which the singer says yes to her second wedding. 

 This is me because JLo is getting ready for the world debut of his brand-new musical endeavor. Now, 

. Now, which will include a full documentary and fan-only versions, This is me Right now A love tale coming February 16 on Amazon Prime Video.

Pre-orders for the American soloist's much awaited new album are now open.

It took over ten years for this to happen, and twenty years for the Bronx diva to finally tie the knot in her romantic relationship with Ben Affleck. But in truth, given what she herself

This is who I am. will now possess a customized assortment of unique and limited edition items.

This contains a deluxe CD with a magnificent 40-page booklet of exclusive pictures, plus 2 of the 20 Polaroid photos available.Standard vinyl is available in your preferred shade of green. 

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