Kiefer Sutherland Was “Heartbroken” & Maggie Q Honored Her “Beautiful Friend”

Adan Canto, known for Designated Survivor and The Cleaning Lady, passed away due to appendiceal cancer, leading to tributes from co-stars. 

Kiefer Sutherland expressed heartbreak, praising Canto's impressive dedication to acting and offering condolences to his wife and children. 

Maggie Q honoured Canto as a "beautiful friend," describing him as a person Hollywood didn't deserve, highlighting his kindness, warmth, and dedication to family. 

She emphasised his unique moral compass, stating that knowing him made one lucky, expressing confusion over the loss. 

LaMonica Garrett, from Designated Survivor, remembered Canto as an exceptional actor and an even better human being, highlighting his confidence, humility, and stand-up character. 

Garrett conveyed sadness and offered prayers for Canto's wife and children, calling it a sad day and extending condolences. 

The condensed message underscores Canto's multifaceted qualities as an actor, friend, father, and husband. 

Co-stars express deep sorrow for the loss, remembering Canto's talent, kindness, and moral compass, leaving a significant void in the entertainment community. 

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