LOOK OF LOVE  Optical illusion of Venetian mask has hidden second perspective – which one do you see?

Did the face's unique features catch your attention? The image, which was initially created by Courtney Smith,

Marie-Jo Waeber, and Gianni Sarcone, might look like a fuzzy face hidden beneath a mask.

Still, a lot of people might have missed the fact that the mask's primary characteristics are actually a man and a woman sharing a kiss

The description of this image from the Best Illusion of the Year Contest states that, "Once the viewer discerns two individual faces,

his/her brain will 'flip' between two possible interpretations of the mask, making the viewer perceive two faces or one face in alternation."

You're in luck if you're having trouble identifying that personality feature.

"This kind of illusion, where the viewer experiences two equally possible interchangeable stable states in perception, is called 'bistable illusion.'"

Dr. Archimedes also demonstrated an animated version of this deception at the 2011 Best deception of the Year Contest.

the story they are trying to tell, and make the sound as representative as possible in order to accomplish that. 

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