Musician Caitlynne Curtis Announces New Single "I Will Survive"

The music video and single "I Will Survive" were recently released by Caitlynne Curtis, a pop singer and songwriter from Nashville. 

This track is off her forthcoming album, which will be released later this year by Angels & Outlaws, the label of Struggle Jennings.

In "I Will Survive," Caitlynne Curtis expresses her gratitude for the positive impact that motherhood has had on her life and her devotion to her newborn son.

 True love and family are what really count in life, as Curtis demonstrates. Sometimes we might all have a skewed idea of what makes us happy.

 To her kid, she says, "I would say it's about him showing me what a life of happiness is. He showed me I have more to live for than I thought."

 Emotional acoustic guitars and the captivating vocals of Caitlynne Curtis lead the way into an infectious chorus set to throbbing, energetic synths brimming with color and passion.

Singing "I Will Survive" with all your might and pride is the way to show your commitment.At the tender age of three, Caitlynne Curtis started singing to her grandfather, marking the beginning of her musical journey.

As soon as her parents saw her potential as a musician, they uprooted their family from Massachusetts and settled in Nashville. 

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