New Women's Anthem by Caitlynne Curti

Pop singer Caitlynne Curtis' life was irrevocably altered at the age of 19 when her adorable son Jonah was born. 

Just in time for National Women's Month, she released her anthem for women, "I Will Survive," inspired by her son.

On a Saturday, as I was playing guitar for him, he asked me to compose a song.

I understood that cheerful and enjoyable writing was necessary whenever I imagined writing for him because that is how he was best described.

Her son's cameo at the song's conclusion is her favorite aspect of the single.

It was a "proud mom moment," as she put it.

Curtis claimed that Jonah was a natural at recording, which led her to understand that she had given him her singing genes.

Jonah was once again a natural in her song video, which you can see. He certainly did not avoid the camera when Curtis wanted him to be the lead role.

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