Spider-Man 2's secret cameo would have delivered a Marvel crossover. Even after 16 years, the MCU has not

A covert Marvel cameo in Spider-Man 2 could have resulted in a crossover that appears more likely than ever before.

The Raimi Spider-Man universe has always made it apparent that Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man is not the only superhero in this planet. 

The films and its canonical spinoff materials establish the existence of more Marvel characters, with one specific anti-hero appearing at the end of Spider-Man 2. 

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently in the midst of the Multiverse Saga, the two heroes can not only meet, but also interact with their MCU counterparts.

Raimi's Spider-Man flicks revolutionized the superhero genre with their combination of amazing filmmaking and comic realism, which few modern superhero film adaptations can equal. 

Notably, the franchise, which includes three Spider-Man films as well as tie-in products such as video games, novelizations, and comic books, admits that other Marvel heroes exist in Raimi's universe.

There have also been multiple attempts to connect the Raimi Spider-Man films to other Marvel movie adaptations, 

including ones from rival film studios, but only one was successful, as seen by an easter egg at the end of Spider-Man 2.

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