Stranger Things' Argyle actor says he 'never got a phone call' to return for season 5.

Eduardo Franco, who portrayed Argyle in Season 4 of the famous Netflix program Stranger Things, has announced that he will not return for the finale.

Fans of the Duffer Brothers' series became anxious when Franco was absent from the Stranger Things cast photo, which marked the start of filming on the show's fifth and final season.

The actor has already announced that he would not reprise his role because he was not called up for the forthcoming episodes.

"It's nice to hear that there's some concern, you know what I mean?" Franco responded when asked about his absence during a recent visit on the Steve Varley Show.

"But I never received a phone call, so I suppose that's it. Do you feel me?Franco's character quickly became a fan favorite when he showed up in his Surfer Boy pizza truck in Season 4 of Stranger Things,

joining his friend Jonathan Byers on some wild excursions. He gave some comedic relief to the viewers while also supporting the core gang in their battle against the new big enemy, Vecna.

Season 4 Part 2 of Stranger Things left viewers with a few burning questions heading into the final season, but little is known about the plot.

The creators have already debunked one popular fan hypothesis about the last chapter after the opening words of Season 5's screenplay started fans' tongues spinning.

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