Stranger Things Season 5: Eduardo Franco explains whether Argyle may appear in the final season

On January 8, production on Stranger Things Season 5 officially began. The highly anticipated announcement for the show's devoted fans was released this week via Netflix's official Instagram account.

 The streaming giant and Stranger Things' home tweeted a black-and-white group photo of the show's cast to announce the start of production on the forthcoming season.

Fans were quick to notice one character's absence: Argyle, the pizza delivery kid with long hair played by Eduardo Franco.

After nearly a week of speculation about the status of Argyle's return to the program, Eduardo has confirmed that his character will not be returning in the new season.

Everything he stated about his departure from the show is posted below. 

In an interview with Steve Varley, a YouTube film and TV reviewer, Franco revealed that his character Argyle will not return in the fifth edition of the sci-fi horror series. 

When asked if he would be returning for another season of Stranger Things, he replied, "It's nice to hear that there's, there's some sort of, you know,

concern or something, you know what I mean?" A very heartbroken Franco went on to say, "I never got a phone call, so I think that's it." 

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