Ten John Wick Characters Who Should Have Played Major Parts in the Film Series

The extremely competent assassin played by Keanu Reeves is the major focus of the John Wick trilogy,

but a large cast of supporting characters also contribute to the development of the environment around him, 

 some of whom merit far more attention. One version of the criminal underworld shown in John Wick is not the same as any other.

Assassins must follow a plethora of mysterious customs and norms, and the franchise does a superb job of worldbuilding this culture to seem more authentic. 

The criminal underworld of John Wick is home to assassins, unscrupulous criminals, 

 and system upholders.The Continental Hotel is a cornerstone of John Wick's underground society; 

 it serves as an impartial safe haven for assassins and is absolutely off-limits to business.

 Given that The Continental has locations across the globe, a large number of the most intriguing John Wick characters have various positions at the hotel. 

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