The 7 Coolest Nail Designs of 2024 to Screenshot for Your Next Mani

The nail art craze is only growing in popularity. And to make picking your next manicure easier than ever, we've compiled the *best* designs of 2024, 

whether you're a regular polish user, a lover of intricate nail art, or someone who loves to try a new type of gel, acylic, or press-on every week. We've got you covered whether it's by color, occasion, nail shape, or type.

1. Simple white nails

This elegantly understated white manicure is a year-round favorite that looks great in any setting and during any season. You can personalize the appearance by applying nail art to one nail or painting one nail a different color.

2. Glazed white nail design with gems

We still adore Hailey Bieber's glazed nails, which are still in style.

3. Ice white star nails

Icy white looks fantastic on a long almond manicure and is ideal for both hot and cold climates.

4. Nude nail design

On shorter lengths, classic nude nails look polished and stylish. The "clean girl aesthetic" and the "lip gloss" nail trend are still popular, and Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein's high gloss finish plays into both of these trends.

5. Light pink nails

Want something that won't stand out *too* much but aren't big fans of nudity? Opt for a light pink!

6. Pastel pink nail design

The nail artist even has an online nail art academy if you want to learn how to do more intricate designs like this at home.

7. Peach nails

Okay, so we took this *very* literally, but how can you not be drawn to these adorable peaches? Not me!