TICKET TEASE  I won £1million lotto jackpot but shopkeeper told me my ticket was worth NOTHING… I took my revenge & got the lot

Ironically, the man called Lucky deliberately tricked the elderly couple into thinking they had won nothing, so he could keep the possibly life-altering ticket for himself.

According to reports, Lucky asked them if they wanted their ticket back, but they urged him to throw it away since they thought it was useless.

Little did the Holts know that when Lucky scanned the ticket, a message invited him to call Camelot.

He later tried to get the money back by calling Camelot, but this rapidly fell through when he was unable to produce any documentation related to the ticket, according to testimony given in court.

Eventually, Camelot, suspicious of Lucky's behavior, examined CCTV footage from the Best One store and discovered that the ticket had not been bought there at all.

They established that the winning ticket had really been bought from the Tesco Extra in Oldham, where Mrs Holt had used her Clubcard.

The Clubcard information was then used by Camelot to locate the true owners.

Lucky reportedly stated, "I am the owner of the ticket but have a bad memory," as he gazed at the ground when the investigator approached him.

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