Transformers 8 really needs to give Megatron a proper role, 17 years after his best.

Megatron is probably the Transformers franchise's most well-known villain, and often their greatest, but after a long absence from the spotlight, Transformers 8 is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce him.

The film series has naturally explored numerous adversaries, aiming to go beyond its most consistent enemy.

This was successful, as Transformers became one of the all-time highest-grossing box office franchises, demonstrating how popular the films were even without Megatron.

Not all of the films have been critical hits, but Transformers has become a commercial powerhouse, with continuously high box office numbers indicating that the franchise will not end anytime soon.

Despite this, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' box office did not meet the studio's expectations. It did make a profit, but not at the same level as the films in the 2010s. 

There have been significant gaps between some films, with Rise of the Beasts arriving five years after Bumblebee.

This could explain the low box office, as Scourge is not as popular as the bigger villains. 

Since the franchise has undergone a reboot, Transformers 8 is an ideal opportunity for Megatron to return as the major antagonist.

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