We already know which nail art fads will be big in 2024.

When it comes to nail art trends in 2024, "more is more" is closer to the truth than "less is more."

Chrome nails

Hen with chrome nails When Hailey Bieber walked the Met Gala red carpet in 2024 with her glazed donut nails,

Nails with a French illusion

The French manicure, like many other historical fashions, is making a comeback.

Preppy fingernail

Academia isn't going away in 2023, and your nails will be a prime example of this.

Melting nail

With current fashion trends trending toward early 2000s fashion, it's no surprise that grungier and edgier beauty is making a comeback. 

Minimalist nail art

If a statement nail isn't your thing, there are minimalist trends on the rise.

3D nail art

When a simple coat of nail polish isn't enough, try adding a little bling to your nails.

Velvet nail

Velvet nails are another trend that stems from a love of texture. 

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